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How To Get Oil Stains Out From Clothes

How to remove oil stains

There is no way you could avoid your clothes from stains. The biggest issue arises when the clothes adorn ugly oil stains. The stubborn stains not just destroy the look of the cloth but, also take too long to get off the clothes. If you always wonder about how to remove oil stains from clothes, we have some help in hand. Here, we have the easiest ways to remove the oil stains from the clothes. Take a look:

  • Do not take too much time

The moment the ugly stain gets on your dress, you should rush to clean it. If you take too long, the stain will take too much time to get off and will also ruin the quality of the clothing. Delaying cleaning even for a few hours will take a lot of effort to remove the stain later. So, act quickly and save your clothes.

  • Machine-Drying: A Big No

If the cloth flaunts a disastrous oil stain, you must keep away from machine-drying the cloth. The reason behind it is that the high heat coming out of the dryer will make the oil stain to lock in the fabric. This will make it almost impossible to remove the stains from the cloth. So, before you give the heat of the dryer to the cloth, check it thoroughly.

  •  Vinegar

Vinegar is also very effective in removing oil stains. It is touted amongst the easiest remedies to remove oil stains from clothes.
You would need white vinegar for this remedy. Take some white vinegar and in the same quantity, take water. Combine both of them. Take a cloth and dump it in this solution. Now wipe the oil stained cloth with this damp cloth. This will remove the stains completely.

  • Laundry Detergents

Regularly we come across the advertisements of the laundry detergents promising us to remove the toughest of stains. They work but, only if used properly.
There are some detergents that hold an expertise in removing tough stains of oil and grease. They efficiently remove the hardest of oil or grease stains from the clothes. You can use any one of them.
You just need to apply the detergent of the stain first and then let it soak for about half an hour. Dab the stained portion of the stream of hot water. Then wash the cloth in a washing machine. The stain will go off completely.

  • Salt and Alcohol

Take rubbing alcohol and salt in the ration of 4:1. Combine them and rub on the hard stains of oil and see the magic. The stain will disappear completely in a minute‚Äôs time.  This is perhaps the easiest way of getting rid of the tough stains of oil from clothes.

So, now that you know how to remove oil stains from clothes do not panic if you spill a cup full of oil on a cloth. Just keep calm and remove the oil stain.