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Process of Removing Oil Stains from Clothes Using Vanish

using vanish to remove oil stains from clothes

Process of Removing Oil Stains from Clothes Using Vanish


Various types of stains such as oil stains, blood stains, ink stains, paint stains, motor oil and Grease stains have always posed a threat with respect to removal from the clothes. One of the methods that can be deployed by people is the usage of Vanish to remove various types stains.

Vanish usage and its importance in removal of stains from clothes

People make use of vanish in order to remove the stains from the clothes. In general, the usage of vanish needs to be done systematically in order to reduce or remove various types of stains from the clothes.
STEP 1: Mix 4 to 5 liters of warm water with 60 ml of gel in order to remove the oil stains
STEP 2:  Check the color of the clothing, if the color is white, then it has to be dipped for nearly 6 – 7 hours else just 1 to 2 hours is enough
STEP 3: This is the final step, wherein, the clothes can be put in the washing machine; the clothes are to be washed with the gel and the normal detergent.
Vanish is one of the best stain removers and ranks first on the international level. With respect to the tough stains such as the grease, motor oil and paint stains, Vanish plays a vital role in how to get oil stains out of clothes. Without the usage of the Vanish, the clothes with the oil or grease stains will have to be washed nearly 6 to 7 times in order to reduce or remove the stains.  Both the white and colored clothes can make use of Vanish in the case of the presence of the stains.

Removal oil stains from the clothes

Brushing the clothes for the purpose of removing oil from clothing will give negative results with respect to the oil stain removal. Vanish Gold Oxi Action Gel can be deployed to remove the oil based stains.
To get oil stains out of clothes, following steps can be followed by the people.
STEP 1: Mix the gel with water in the proportion as mentioned above and apply it on the oil stain in the clothes
STEP 2: With the underside of the pod, rub vanish gold oxi action gel
STEP 3: Grooves with innovative designs are instrumental in enhancing the efficiency of vanish
STEP 4: Leave it for 10 minutes and check the stains, it would have disappeared
STEP 5: Wash the clothes in Washing machine with the normal detergent
The above steps are beneficial for the people who think on how to get rid of the oil stains on clothes.
The other methods used to remove the oil stains on clothes are the usage of the Vanish Liquid Fabric Stain remover. With just one drop of the Vanish Liquid Fabric Stain remover, the stain disappears from the clothes within 5 minutes. Mostly, the clothes with tough and dry oil stains are soaked for 6 hours at a stretch. On the other hand, the easy solution to get rid of the oil stains is the usage of the fabric stain remover. However, the usage of the stain remover has certain terms and conditions such as it cannot be applied on the silk and wool clothes.

Removal of Motor oil and Grease stains using Vanish

To remove the motor oil and grease stains, the soaking process is very important as both the stains are considered to be tough.
STEP 1: Treat the clothes with motor oil stains and grease stains initially with the hot water
STEP 2: To remove the hardness of the stains, it is initially being scraped or brushed for the purpose of treating it with vanish
STEP 3: Since the stains are tough and dry, it involves the soaking process.
STEP 4: Mix the stain remover with water as mentioned above
Note: The gel is to be mixed with warm water (40 Degrees) since it has to enable the people to get rid of oil stains from the clothes.

Removal of Cooking oil from the clothes

For the purpose of removing the cooking oil, the vanish stain removal product category is essential. Once, the oil is dried up, it’s a nightmare for the people to get rid of the oil stains.
STEP 1: Take a clean cloth or towel and hit hard on the stained surfaces on the clothes
STEP 2: Follow the instructions for the usage of the Vanish stain removal
Oil stain removal can be done by making use of Vanish product categories.


Vanish products are widely used to remove oil stains from the clothes. However, it is essential for the people to strictly follow the instruction on the usage of every category with respect to the type of oil stains on the clothes.

How to remove oil stains from clothes